Seafood a là Mexican-Miami at Lona – Cocina Tequileria in Ft Lauderdale

All around South Florida there is a heavenly fusion of Latin America flavors that inspire some of the most delicious plates in the world. And we feel grateful for getting to enjoy some of them!

At Lona we enjoyed some really creative ones so without further do, this is what went down #verdueats in Ft Lauderdale!

We started with this colorful and rich tostadas. Perfectly cured tuna with an oriental flare, sitting on top of a dash of chipotle mayo, escorted by a little prickly serrano slice and onion shavings. ✨👌🏻✨

Here’s another shot of those beautiful babies 👶

A shrimp ceviche with a strong Peruvian influence came next, by now you know how much we LOVE ceviches so we can’t say nothing bad about them ever 👹

In order to make a back somersault of flavors and styles in the same meal, we facilitated the arrival of a #foodporn guac. It came with two kinds of chicharrón, one would be the crunchy kind and the other the soft one, loaded on a tortilla were swiftly ready to fly!

We also ordered their lobster tacos, a risky risk to take that barely made the professional palate cut, or in other words, we’ve had better 😂

Just to make a totally clear point about this we also ordered their ‘pastor’… this is how they serve them, they were also ok but a far far far cry from a proper ‘pastor’ from Mexico City, you may appreciate the chunky onions, overly chopped cilantro and lack of a proper salsa selection to build it.

This is how Lona serves their generous chicken quesadilla, it was really good! Cheesy, grilled edges to perfection, and a very nice portion 👌🏻

We also tried their fajitas, delicious flavors but they’re a rare fajita fusion that was good but rare fajitas 🤓👽

We also had their octopus and this was absolutely fantastic! Dripped with poblano sauce (green) from Mexico and anticucho (white) from Peru. Fantastic!

And that was it! We were ready for a nap and off to the next one after it…Thank you for joining us in another #foodie adventure! Stay tuned for more delicious #foodiegalore

Amara at Paraíso, a delicious waterfront foodie heaven

This has got to be one of the top all-around restaurants en vogue in Miami these days….at least a new landmark for #foodporn

We started with this bowl of heaven, they call it green rice with everything, and it has so much of everything that you can’t even see the rice 😎

Then a very nice ceviche, yes because it is Miami, hot weather and ceviche is always welcome #miamifoodie citrusy juice with boiled sweet potato to balance the flavors…

Also because you’re in Miami and this place knows how to please the Latin crowds, we had to try their empanadas, with a side of gourmet chimichurri, filled with a mix of beef, corn and of course CHEESE! 🧀 they look as pretty as they were good.

We also ordered a side of yuca & cheese puffs that were straight down from a heavenly oven. This is a Brazilian inspired side dish based on their famous cheese bread made from yuca flour that everyone should try at least once before they die!

Then a proper and epic seafood parrillada arrived, cooked Argentinian style with tons of pesto/chimichirri-esque sauce on top of the lobster and prawns, exquisite octopus and what seem to be their signature charred limes that you’ll see in ALL of their plates 😂

A grilled pork collar arrived, also covered with their pesto/chimi sauce, they leave some whole pine nuts to give a crunchy kick, and also come their ‘now-famous’ charred lemons.

We had to try their meat parrillada, this looks like a train wreck but it was a tasty one! Grilled Argentinian style, with chorizos, chicken hearts (very Argentinian indeed!) and the rest of the good stuff that could also easily kill any naive vegan smoothie drinker folks out there 👹

Because we were really impressed with their meat -and their ugly and useless charred lemons 😅 we had to try this fantastic grilled steak topped with coarse sea salt, if you like meat, then this would be a true #foodgasm for you my friend!

Paired with some beautiful grilled asparagus that also came with you know what 🍋 😂

Their desserts were amazing too, this one was a caramel roasted peach, topped with vanilla ice cream, accompanied by an airy bread aka delish patisserie

Since we found so much Argentinian flavors we had to try their dulce de leche flan, creamy, milky, and of course sweet! Sided by a dollop of whip cream.

And because the ambiance is fundamental for any great meal, this how the place looks like 😍 did I mention it is waterfront too?!

Thank you for joining us in another fantastic #verdueats adventure! We hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more delicious feasts coming up soon! 👹

Tap 42 Miami – A Gastropub with a Flare

We love the so called gastropub concept, these restaurants usually bring a creative take on great classics.

This time we went all ‘I’m on the deep end, watch as I dive in, I’ll never reach the ground’ kind of jam, and we hope you enjoy it!

Kickoff time came with a fantastic artichoke dip topped with scallions, tomato, with side of chips, red salsa and grilled in a handsome skillet…any comments? 🤩

Then a set of proper lettuce wraps with a traditional peanut chicken arrived along with delicious soy and garlic sour cream dressings. True #foodporn

We had to try their filet mignon with truffled Mac & Cheese, and they were grilled to perfection! 👌🏻

This is how they serve their BBQ ribs aka Baby back Ribs… #AustinPowers #foodienerd gag.

An simple average burger came too, the fries were the best of it all, the rest you can do without…

A healthy grilled chicken with green rice and delicious add ons also made its way to the table, the Tex-Mex approach to this recipe was a success, the rub was also great! The rice tasted like a piece of cilantro heaven…😊

Then a fantastic charcoal-grilled mahi mahi arrived, with a side of grilled veggies and pimped up tartar sauce…

For deserts we ordered the following colored chip party & cookies w ice cream festival…

And this bread pudding from heaven! Covered with caramel and French vanilla ice cream! 🤤

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The Canal Club in Scottsdale, AZ

Last time we loved it so much we had to check out this place again, this time we went for lunch and it was great!

Although their breakfast menu is still our favorite, their lunch menu items were just as good.

We started with some delicious, citrusy and tasty ceviche, nice size prawns, swimming in a fantastic cilantro and lime sauce, paired with unique plantain chips as well as blue corn chips.

We also had their Duarte burger, w an egg on top in an English muffin-like bun. Really great flavor, perfect french fries…for the more conservative folks I’d maybe experiment with a different kind of bun, but I certainly loved it as it was!

My wife had their Halibut which was fantastic too. Proper entree portion of fish, on top of vegetable sauce with hints of olive flavors, very good! See photos

For desert we enjoyed their beautiful brownie with dulce de leche ice cream and edible flowers. This would’ve been THE perfect one if the brownie was a bit warm :p Service was so great that I’m sure you can ask them to warm it up for you no problem 🙂

The place is also hip and very cool! although there are a few cultural faux-pas regarding their country identity, names, and branding…as in confusing Argentina with Cuba in so many places XD …to illustrate my point: Duarte, Boca & Estancia are as Argentinian as their flag, soccer team, and neighborhood in the heart of Buenos Aires, while their decor and rest of the brand is definitely tropical 50s Havana…not a biggie, everything else works great in this resort.

Thanks for reading! Definitely check out this hidden gem in Scottsdale! Stay tuned for more delicious #verdueats

Fisher’s round 2: Rare dishes.

Fisher’s is THE ultimate top seafood restaurant in the World.

If you ever get close to one and don’t like it please let me know and I’ll pay your bill 👹 or at least part of it 🤞🏽

This festival started with the best way to begin: a shrimp taco, with a side of their glorious yellow rice but even before that…a fideo seco with shrimp, this plate is oven cooked in a clay plate, thick tomato sauce, cheese, cream, and the rest of the stuff 🤩 make a taco or eat it straight from the cazuela!

And here’s the taco, I know this is not a good pic of it but believe me it is a must have!

We tried their new conch aguachile, swimming in lime juice, olive oil and red onions…

Ladies & Gents, this is how a proper ceviche looks like 🤩 it had shrimp, conch, octopus, oysters, crab, pico de Gallo, and even an olive!

Then we pampered ourselves with a delicacy from Spain 🇪🇸Angulas! Or Angles en inglés, swimming in olive oil and dry chile to sassy them up!

Then some chalupas with shrimp chicharrón on top of sour cream, topped with thinly sliced onions and red salsa on the side 😍

Then some arriera shrimps, large ones grilled with onions and spices, joined by refried beans and garlicky white rice 😋

This plate looks like a train accident but actually are large prawns grilled with butter and other spices, they peel off seamlessly from their shells!

Also had one of their classics Lomo Simons. This is white fish cooked in their signature mayo-based sauce that has paprika and other delicious spices…

My Verdu Queen 👸🏻 ordered this lime & soy fish filet that was also grilled, paired with tasty oriental style fried rice.

And to close this adventure we had their raspberry blintzes, filled with cream cheese and showered by delicious raspberry sauce!

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The delicious beauty of Khao Mexico City

This place serves delicious Asian food that is also beautiful and tasty! Check out their sophisticated simplicity…

We started with some exquisite Kushiague, this is basically fried cheese sticks that you dip in a sweet & sour sauce that has a mayo component too. Warm and melty 🤤

Also ordered veggie rolls for the plant eaters in the house 👹 called Yozu Burritos 🌯

Then did a fresh tuna sashimi, thick cut please! on top of a bed of thinly shaved cucumbers…

We had to try their coconut milk soup aka Tom Yum 😋 tasty but we’ve had better.

This is how they do their Pad Thai, beautiful and delicious!

Their steak was great with a dash of horseradish-esque purée…

The Verdukids ordered some robalo aka snapper, thick white fish pieces battered and showered with a sweet & spicy sauce.

To close shop we ordered a Japanese jewel Mochi, which is ice cream covered in a rice-based membrane with a texture like no other…the yellow ones are mango…

and green tea 🍵 too!

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‘El Ciruelo’ in Tepoztlán, Mexico, an eternal classic!

We visited this culinary landmark in this magical town UNESCO level, about 1hr away from Mexico City.

They mostly specialize in food from the central region of Mexico which is way different from other areas.

Without further do, here’s how we approached this #foodieheaven experience…

We started with a plate that is actually from the south east but no one cared…these are Sopes de Chapulines which are tick tortilla on the bottom, bean paste, queso Oaxaca (string cheese), and on top fried and seasoned crickets! They are not only super nutritious but also delicious! 😋 top em with your favorite salsas and you’ll b in heaven!

Then some chalupas, that are thicker versions of the sopes, they had refried beans and goat cheese, add cilantro, guacamole as a dash of red salsa and you’re good to go!

Another sope came, this time was Chicharrón Prensado which is cooked fried pork skin…after the chicharrón loses its crunchiness it is cooked in diverse ways that could be green salsa or red one like this case…put this on top of anything and you’ll rock n roll all night long…

Then we moved on with the local specialty: Cecina…this is paper-thin cut steak, salted, most times also sun dried, joined by the usual suspects aka beans, guac, serranos toreados and freshly made tortillas to properly build your tacos.

And here’s another presentation that comes with French fries & rice.

Another classic is the Fideo Seco or dry pasta. The pasta/fideo in Mexico is fried, then cooked in tomato sauce, most times oven cooked to dry it even more, then topped with slices of Panela cheese, chicharrón, avocado and chile ancho aka dried/smoked chile…you can eat it straight up or make some tacos with the partygoers…😍👌🏻

My Verdu Queen 👸🏻 ordered some real deal enchiladas. Served with red mole, edible flowers filled with delicious shredded chicken…legend says they’re super good too !

And that was it for this delicious Mexican food adventure, thank you for joining us and reading our #verdueats Stau tuned for more fantastic meals! 👹

Quick bite at Harry’s Grill in Polanco

This place is well known for their fantastic meat cuts from all over the world, they do Argentinian bifes, to American cuts and Japanese ones too, they have it all.

In this case I stopped by myself for a quick bite and to treat me well…I started with some seasonal clams that looked like this 😍

Then I ordered some ceviches that look like contemporary deliciousness, and they were indeed! The one on the right had a sweet approach (rare for ceviches that tend to be on the acidic side) and even came with a delicious fig. The other ones were a salmon tartar and shrimp on top of chicharrón, they came with hand made chips to load them up and enjoy! ❤️🔥

This grilled octopus ‘a la gallega’ was to die for! This means that it was cooked with olive oil, sea salt, paprika and in this case also with garlics and onions…

Since this was a solo lunch, and I was in a bad mood for taking pictures, and I don’t eat desert, I took some pics from the place to complete the post just for you! 😂 I hope you enjoyed these delicious plates and pardon my lack of pics on this post 🙏🏻

Contemporary fusion of nice colors and elements…with the forever gray skies of Mexico City… and I also loved this labyrinth lady artwork too…

Thank you for reading us! I hope you stay tuned for more delicious #verdueats 👹

Superb sushi bar experience at Iwashi, Mexico City

Please excuse us about posting two continuous posts about sushi but we simply had to share this carrousel of proper sushi pieces a lá #verdueats

We started the show with these 3 beauties for the fans, from left to right #Kimedai, #Nodoburu & #ShimaAji 🍣

Then a fresh sashimi feast of #akami #salmon & #kanpachi

The time for the superb scallop arrived and it looked like this 🥢

Then tako aka pulpo or octopus 🐙 topped with a mystery sauce on the sweet side.

The first signs of the delicious charring to come ahead started to arrive with this squid aka #ika

Then a tasty piece of #Lubina on the mackerel side of town but not so fishy…

And then these two beauties of #uni and an egg bomber of salmon roe and quail egg cuddling in a seaweed tub with rice bottom 🦊

We continued our migration to the stronger and richer cuts with this #toro …and caviar riding the behemoth to give an additional punch 🥊

Then the charring began! 🔥

This ended up becoming a delicious piece of eel topped with foie gras

And since took that lane we also indulged with a pair of yellow fins topped with more of it 😍 one shavings, the other charred too 🐷

And this was how they serve a fantastic #wagyu heaven

So you can enjoy this…

Then we asked for the check thank the talented chefs -and also all the delicious and pretty animals involved, and went back home for a power nap 😂

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Fantasy Sushi & Party Night at Marion, Miami

This place has a great fusion of American and Japanese dishes. If you want to dinner & party this is a un place to be…live performances and all! 💥

We had the following items and here are in no specific order…the Japanese selections here were amazing 😍 roll has the -more common now Serrano slices on top that are always well received by the rest of the ingredients ❤️

Here’s a batteredthen grilled octopus with chipotle infused mayo, simple yet tasty and delicious!

Then these two Kobe sliders bad boyz w quail egg & grilled peppers on top were also fantastic 👌🏻

Sitting on top of two .5 limes, these tostadas had shrimp ceviche, topped w red onions, radish slaw and of course cilantro 😊

All these delicious plates were being washed down with a smooth, fruity, and cold sake 🚀

For desert we ordered this flashy watermelon thingy with créeme brûlée, white chocolate dip covered w berries & a round cheesecake 👹

So pretty we had to do another shot 👌🏻 can you see the cheesecake hiding behind the flambé merengue? 🤩

and my Verdu Queen 👸🏻 enjoyed this blackberry cheesecake soufflé-esque, with cookie crust underneath a caramel aura on top that was pretty good!

Thank you for reading us! Stay tuned for more delicious #foodie adventures! #verdueats