Fantasy Sushi & Party Night at Marion, Miami

This place has a great fusion of American and Japanese dishes. If you want to dinner & party this is a un place to be…live performances and all! 💥

We had the following items and here are in no specific order…the Japanese selections here were amazing 😍 roll has the -more common now Serrano slices on top that are always well received by the rest of the ingredients ❤️

Here’s a batteredthen grilled octopus with chipotle infused mayo, simple yet tasty and delicious!

Then these two Kobe sliders bad boyz w quail egg & grilled peppers on top were also fantastic 👌🏻

Sitting on top of two .5 limes, these tostadas had shrimp ceviche, topped w red onions, radish slaw and of course cilantro 😊

All these delicious plates were being washed down with a smooth, fruity, and cold sake 🚀

For desert we ordered this flashy watermelon thingy with créeme brûlée, white chocolate dip covered w berries & a round cheesecake 👹

So pretty we had to do another shot 👌🏻 can you see the cheesecake hiding behind the flambé merengue? 🤩

and my Verdu Queen 👸🏻 enjoyed this blackberry cheesecake soufflé-esque, with cookie crust underneath a caramel aura on top that was pretty good!

Thank you for reading us! Stay tuned for more delicious #foodie adventures! #verdueats

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