Fisher’s round 2: Rare dishes.

Fisher’s is THE ultimate top seafood restaurant in the World.

If you ever get close to one and don’t like it please let me know and I’ll pay your bill 👹 or at least part of it 🤞🏽

This festival started with the best way to begin: a shrimp taco, with a side of their glorious yellow rice but even before that…a fideo seco with shrimp, this plate is oven cooked in a clay plate, thick tomato sauce, cheese, cream, and the rest of the stuff 🤩 make a taco or eat it straight from the cazuela!

And here’s the taco, I know this is not a good pic of it but believe me it is a must have!

We tried their new conch aguachile, swimming in lime juice, olive oil and red onions…

Ladies & Gents, this is how a proper ceviche looks like 🤩 it had shrimp, conch, octopus, oysters, crab, pico de Gallo, and even an olive!

Then we pampered ourselves with a delicacy from Spain 🇪🇸Angulas! Or Angles en inglés, swimming in olive oil and dry chile to sassy them up!

Then some chalupas with shrimp chicharrón on top of sour cream, topped with thinly sliced onions and red salsa on the side 😍

Then some arriera shrimps, large ones grilled with onions and spices, joined by refried beans and garlicky white rice 😋

This plate looks like a train accident but actually are large prawns grilled with butter and other spices, they peel off seamlessly from their shells!

Also had one of their classics Lomo Simons. This is white fish cooked in their signature mayo-based sauce that has paprika and other delicious spices…

My Verdu Queen 👸🏻 ordered this lime & soy fish filet that was also grilled, paired with tasty oriental style fried rice.

And to close this adventure we had their raspberry blintzes, filled with cream cheese and showered by delicious raspberry sauce!

Thank you for joining us in another #verdueats adventure! 🙏🏻 don’t forget to subscribe to receive notifications about our future posts 🥰

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