Quick bite at Harry’s Grill in Polanco

This place is well known for their fantastic meat cuts from all over the world, they do Argentinian bifes, to American cuts and Japanese ones too, they have it all.

In this case I stopped by myself for a quick bite and to treat me well…I started with some seasonal clams that looked like this 😍

Then I ordered some ceviches that look like contemporary deliciousness, and they were indeed! The one on the right had a sweet approach (rare for ceviches that tend to be on the acidic side) and even came with a delicious fig. The other ones were a salmon tartar and shrimp on top of chicharrón, they came with hand made chips to load them up and enjoy! ❤️🔥

This grilled octopus ‘a la gallega’ was to die for! This means that it was cooked with olive oil, sea salt, paprika and in this case also with garlics and onions…

Since this was a solo lunch, and I was in a bad mood for taking pictures, and I don’t eat desert, I took some pics from the place to complete the post just for you! 😂 I hope you enjoyed these delicious plates and pardon my lack of pics on this post 🙏🏻

Contemporary fusion of nice colors and elements…with the forever gray skies of Mexico City… and I also loved this labyrinth lady artwork too…

Thank you for reading us! I hope you stay tuned for more delicious #verdueats 👹

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