Seafood a là Mexican-Miami at Lona – Cocina Tequileria in Ft Lauderdale

All around South Florida there is a heavenly fusion of Latin America flavors that inspire some of the most delicious plates in the world. And we feel grateful for getting to enjoy some of them!

At Lona we enjoyed some really creative ones so without further do, this is what went down #verdueats in Ft Lauderdale!

We started with this colorful and rich tostadas. Perfectly cured tuna with an oriental flare, sitting on top of a dash of chipotle mayo, escorted by a little prickly serrano slice and onion shavings. ✨👌🏻✨

Here’s another shot of those beautiful babies 👶

A shrimp ceviche with a strong Peruvian influence came next, by now you know how much we LOVE ceviches so we can’t say nothing bad about them ever 👹

In order to make a back somersault of flavors and styles in the same meal, we facilitated the arrival of a #foodporn guac. It came with two kinds of chicharrón, one would be the crunchy kind and the other the soft one, loaded on a tortilla were swiftly ready to fly!

We also ordered their lobster tacos, a risky risk to take that barely made the professional palate cut, or in other words, we’ve had better 😂

Just to make a totally clear point about this we also ordered their ‘pastor’… this is how they serve them, they were also ok but a far far far cry from a proper ‘pastor’ from Mexico City, you may appreciate the chunky onions, overly chopped cilantro and lack of a proper salsa selection to build it.

This is how Lona serves their generous chicken quesadilla, it was really good! Cheesy, grilled edges to perfection, and a very nice portion 👌🏻

We also tried their fajitas, delicious flavors but they’re a rare fajita fusion that was good but rare fajitas 🤓👽

We also had their octopus and this was absolutely fantastic! Dripped with poblano sauce (green) from Mexico and anticucho (white) from Peru. Fantastic!

And that was it! We were ready for a nap and off to the next one after it…Thank you for joining us in another #foodie adventure! Stay tuned for more delicious #foodiegalore

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