Amara at Paraíso, a delicious waterfront foodie heaven

This has got to be one of the top all-around restaurants en vogue in Miami these days….at least a new landmark for #foodporn

We started with this bowl of heaven, they call it green rice with everything, and it has so much of everything that you can’t even see the rice 😎

Then a very nice ceviche, yes because it is Miami, hot weather and ceviche is always welcome #miamifoodie citrusy juice with boiled sweet potato to balance the flavors…

Also because you’re in Miami and this place knows how to please the Latin crowds, we had to try their empanadas, with a side of gourmet chimichurri, filled with a mix of beef, corn and of course CHEESE! 🧀 they look as pretty as they were good.

We also ordered a side of yuca & cheese puffs that were straight down from a heavenly oven. This is a Brazilian inspired side dish based on their famous cheese bread made from yuca flour that everyone should try at least once before they die!

Then a proper and epic seafood parrillada arrived, cooked Argentinian style with tons of pesto/chimichirri-esque sauce on top of the lobster and prawns, exquisite octopus and what seem to be their signature charred limes that you’ll see in ALL of their plates 😂

A grilled pork collar arrived, also covered with their pesto/chimi sauce, they leave some whole pine nuts to give a crunchy kick, and also come their ‘now-famous’ charred lemons.

We had to try their meat parrillada, this looks like a train wreck but it was a tasty one! Grilled Argentinian style, with chorizos, chicken hearts (very Argentinian indeed!) and the rest of the good stuff that could also easily kill any naive vegan smoothie drinker folks out there 👹

Because we were really impressed with their meat -and their ugly and useless charred lemons 😅 we had to try this fantastic grilled steak topped with coarse sea salt, if you like meat, then this would be a true #foodgasm for you my friend!

Paired with some beautiful grilled asparagus that also came with you know what 🍋 😂

Their desserts were amazing too, this one was a caramel roasted peach, topped with vanilla ice cream, accompanied by an airy bread aka delish patisserie

Since we found so much Argentinian flavors we had to try their dulce de leche flan, creamy, milky, and of course sweet! Sided by a dollop of whip cream.

And because the ambiance is fundamental for any great meal, this how the place looks like 😍 did I mention it is waterfront too?!

Thank you for joining us in another fantastic #verdueats adventure! We hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more delicious feasts coming up soon! 👹

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