‘El Ciruelo’ in Tepoztlán, Mexico, an eternal classic!

We visited this culinary landmark in this magical town UNESCO level, about 1hr away from Mexico City.

They mostly specialize in food from the central region of Mexico which is way different from other areas.

Without further do, here’s how we approached this #foodieheaven experience…

We started with a plate that is actually from the south east but no one cared…these are Sopes de Chapulines which are tick tortilla on the bottom, bean paste, queso Oaxaca (string cheese), and on top fried and seasoned crickets! They are not only super nutritious but also delicious! 😋 top em with your favorite salsas and you’ll b in heaven!

Then some chalupas, that are thicker versions of the sopes, they had refried beans and goat cheese, add cilantro, guacamole as a dash of red salsa and you’re good to go!

Another sope came, this time was Chicharrón Prensado which is cooked fried pork skin…after the chicharrón loses its crunchiness it is cooked in diverse ways that could be green salsa or red one like this case…put this on top of anything and you’ll rock n roll all night long…

Then we moved on with the local specialty: Cecina…this is paper-thin cut steak, salted, most times also sun dried, joined by the usual suspects aka beans, guac, serranos toreados and freshly made tortillas to properly build your tacos.

And here’s another presentation that comes with French fries & rice.

Another classic is the Fideo Seco or dry pasta. The pasta/fideo in Mexico is fried, then cooked in tomato sauce, most times oven cooked to dry it even more, then topped with slices of Panela cheese, chicharrón, avocado and chile ancho aka dried/smoked chile…you can eat it straight up or make some tacos with the partygoers…😍👌🏻

My Verdu Queen 👸🏻 ordered some real deal enchiladas. Served with red mole, edible flowers filled with delicious shredded chicken…legend says they’re super good too !

And that was it for this delicious Mexican food adventure, thank you for joining us and reading our #verdueats Stau tuned for more fantastic meals! 👹

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