The delicious beauty of Khao Mexico City

This place serves delicious Asian food that is also beautiful and tasty! Check out their sophisticated simplicity…

We started with some exquisite Kushiague, this is basically fried cheese sticks that you dip in a sweet & sour sauce that has a mayo component too. Warm and melty 🤤

Also ordered veggie rolls for the plant eaters in the house 👹 called Yozu Burritos 🌯

Then did a fresh tuna sashimi, thick cut please! on top of a bed of thinly shaved cucumbers…

We had to try their coconut milk soup aka Tom Yum 😋 tasty but we’ve had better.

This is how they do their Pad Thai, beautiful and delicious!

Their steak was great with a dash of horseradish-esque purée…

The Verdukids ordered some robalo aka snapper, thick white fish pieces battered and showered with a sweet & spicy sauce.

To close shop we ordered a Japanese jewel Mochi, which is ice cream covered in a rice-based membrane with a texture like no other…the yellow ones are mango…

and green tea 🍵 too!

Thank you for reading us! Stay tuned for more #verdueats adventures soon!

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