Superb sushi bar experience at Iwashi, Mexico City

Please excuse us about posting two continuous posts about sushi but we simply had to share this carrousel of proper sushi pieces a lá #verdueats

We started the show with these 3 beauties for the fans, from left to right #Kimedai, #Nodoburu & #ShimaAji 🍣

Then a fresh sashimi feast of #akami #salmon & #kanpachi

The time for the superb scallop arrived and it looked like this 🥢

Then tako aka pulpo or octopus 🐙 topped with a mystery sauce on the sweet side.

The first signs of the delicious charring to come ahead started to arrive with this squid aka #ika

Then a tasty piece of #Lubina on the mackerel side of town but not so fishy…

And then these two beauties of #uni and an egg bomber of salmon roe and quail egg cuddling in a seaweed tub with rice bottom 🦊

We continued our migration to the stronger and richer cuts with this #toro …and caviar riding the behemoth to give an additional punch 🥊

Then the charring began! 🔥

This ended up becoming a delicious piece of eel topped with foie gras

And since took that lane we also indulged with a pair of yellow fins topped with more of it 😍 one shavings, the other charred too 🐷

And this was how they serve a fantastic #wagyu heaven

So you can enjoy this…

Then we asked for the check thank the talented chefs -and also all the delicious and pretty animals involved, and went back home for a power nap 😂

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