The Canal Club in Scottsdale, AZ

Last time we loved it so much we had to check out this place again, this time we went for lunch and it was great!

Although their breakfast menu is still our favorite, their lunch menu items were just as good.

We started with some delicious, citrusy and tasty ceviche, nice size prawns, swimming in a fantastic cilantro and lime sauce, paired with unique plantain chips as well as blue corn chips.

We also had their Duarte burger, w an egg on top in an English muffin-like bun. Really great flavor, perfect french fries…for the more conservative folks I’d maybe experiment with a different kind of bun, but I certainly loved it as it was!

My wife had their Halibut which was fantastic too. Proper entree portion of fish, on top of vegetable sauce with hints of olive flavors, very good! See photos

For desert we enjoyed their beautiful brownie with dulce de leche ice cream and edible flowers. This would’ve been THE perfect one if the brownie was a bit warm :p Service was so great that I’m sure you can ask them to warm it up for you no problem 🙂

The place is also hip and very cool! although there are a few cultural faux-pas regarding their country identity, names, and branding…as in confusing Argentina with Cuba in so many places XD …to illustrate my point: Duarte, Boca & Estancia are as Argentinian as their flag, soccer team, and neighborhood in the heart of Buenos Aires, while their decor and rest of the brand is definitely tropical 50s Havana…not a biggie, everything else works great in this resort.

Thanks for reading! Definitely check out this hidden gem in Scottsdale! Stay tuned for more delicious #verdueats

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