Gourmet Bliss from the Sea

We recently visited Blanco Colima in Mexico City, their haute cuisine approach to sea food was a fantastic culinary experience, this is what Verdu & Fam enjoyed πŸ₯°

We started with these amazing oysters, they were quickly passed through the grill, added some butter, a dash of habanero sauce and lime to make them really happy and loved…

For appetizers we also ordered this fresh sashimi that was paired with thin cucumber slices, radish and a few cubes of serranos to add some kick. The mix of soy with the vegetables and the fresh fish was to die for! #foodieheaven #foodporn

We moved along with this creative and unexpected dish that was made out of slices of foi gras, fresh figs, pear cubes and edible flowers 🌺

Then this beautiful seared tuna wonder arrived! Perfectly crusted with black pepper and spices, swimming in a delicious soy, lime and orange sauce, topped with avocado spirals on top that helped balance any other intense or saltier favors #foodie

My Verdu Queen πŸ‘ΈπŸ» enjoyed this absolutely perfectly grilled sea bass cooked with garlic shavings in a secret recipe sauce, also to die for!

Verdu kids ordered this wonderful salmon (had to try it!), I’m sure you can already taste this plate, even if simple it was beautifully presented, that green sauce is also secret recipe and especially created for any kid’s palate πŸ˜‰

Verdu ordered this tender, juicy, and cooked to perfection wagyu cut, topped with a delicious sauce that is also created from the juices of the meat…that potato on the left was pretty good too!

Then we took a dive into this double whammy decadent dessert, it was a warm fondant of manchego, with ice cream sorbet also manchego flavor #cheesefoodie #cheeseporn

Thank you for joining us in another delicious adventure! Stay tuned for more Verdu Eats coming soon! Thanks for reading and stay hungry my friends!

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