Chinese quickie at Hunan

We loooove Chinese food, who doesn’t right?!

We had a quick stop at Hunans for some Chinese classics, check them out!

We started with a delicious crispy Hunan shrimp, glazed in that famous spicy sauce….

We followed with sweet and sour pork, unlike any Panda Express preparation, real Chinese food is worth trying at least once in a while just to remember how these dishes are really meant to taste like ✈️

Then we had the Pekín duck, poor little quacky guys, we love them dearly but they’re soooo delicious! #foodie #foodgalore #chinesefoodie

Paired with prune sauce, greens, and rolled into crepes 😍

We were drinking a delicious litchi martini…

And closed with this religious experience dessert that is a tower of vanilla ice cream covered with strawberries & the sauce they were swimming for a little while, sandwiched by a pair of Chinese soft buns…ok this last one is not that ‘real’ but it certainly descended from heaven ✨

Thank you for joining us in this quickie, more Verdu eats coming soon! 👹 stay hungry my friends!

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