Mexican Delicacies at Arroyo

If you want to try the REAL Mexican food and gourmet delicacies, this restaurant is one of the old school classics.

Founded in 1940 this has to be in your #foodieguide during your next visit to Mexico City.

And so, the feast began with delicious escamoles (ant larvae) cooked in butter, garlic and secret spices, put on tortilla, lime, guac & experience why this prehispanic dish is one of Mexico’s top delicacies 😍

Then we followed with the REAL maguey worms, additional of being SUPER rich in protein and other nutrients, they will make you feel like Anthony Bourdain in a foreign land…delicious for sure!

After these appetizers came what we came for, that would be: barbacoa, aka barbacha, hangover killer, meat from the gods, Sunday breakfast, etc but never to be mistaken for Barbecue…this is lamb, cooked underground for hours, covered with maguey leaves and very few spices since the dominating salsas and spices have to be applied by the foodie…

Then carnitas, aka slow cooked pork, seasoned with legendary spices and herbs only found elsewhere in the family books that are keep in total privacy… just like barbacoa, you can build some mean tacos with these, add guacamole, lime, and your choice of salsa verde, roja, borracha, ranchera, mexicana, aguacatosa, or many others and enjoy…

Then my Queen ordered some delicious sopes w chicken. That is a thick tortilla, fried, with bean pasta, 🐀 lettuce, cheese, sour cream and also ready for any other salsa toppings! But all that said, these sopes were NOT good πŸ˜‚

And yes, the salsa selection from each restaurant can make or break the rest of the business πŸš€

And to close the deal we had warm corn cake with vanilla bean ice cream.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more #Verdueats

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