Meat Feast & Cooking on Lava Rocks

We visited Mochomo a restaurant for very demanding meat lovers in Mexico City. My Verdu family really enjoyed the creativity of the Chef quality of the meat, and the presentation of every dish.

We opened shop with a very unique lava rock cooking experience, they brought out marinated prime skirt cuts carpaccio style, then we proceeded to cook them on top of the hyper hot lava rock sphere (it is charcoal heated for additional flavor) all that suspended on a bed of sea salt and a slab of redwood, just like the rest of their dinning tables…Verdu’s kids loved it!

Here’s an aerial view of this dish…the marbling of the meat derived in delicious flavors when cooking on top of the porous rock, the marinating juice makes it even more unique.

We followed with this delicious hairy, messy, crunchy strips of sun-dried and fried meat…the lemon is fundamental to cut the grease and balance the salty flavors of the meat, they add onion and a touch of garlic to make it a rich gourmet-vaquero-style dish…

They also supply you with some guac in case you want to assemble a quick taco for additional goodness…

We followed with these superb filet mignon ‘a la mantequilla’ perfectly cooked! Look at that outer layer 😍 Chef also adds a delicious garlic and basil topping to make the flavors pop…who doesn’t love a great piece of meat empowered by butter? Here’s a textbook example taken to #foodgasm level no doubt!

And perfectly paired with this gorgeous wine, the darker, cherry and hint of pepper-dominant flavors of this robust red helps to wash down every bite like a delicious slippery slide to the tummy 😋

Then we continued with this minimalist deliciousness simply called ‘Filete en su Jugo’ aka ‘Filet au Jus’ aka meat that after grilled is cooked in its own juices, simple flavors and perfectly flowing the meat joyride…

Making a cameo appearance above, here are these delicious curly fries with mushrooms and truffle oil, Truffle YAY! 😍 who doesn’t love to invite a good truffle friend to a meet party? Everyone had a delicious time!

A meat feast is not a proper one unless you have some NY cuts present. Here they are in all their perfectly-cooked-glory, infused with a chipotle, paprika, and pasilla sauce, once again, making a taco with these would immediately boost you straight to heaven!

Because not everyone in Verdu family eats meat, they ordered this fantastic shrimp dish w heads included, cooked in a red/curry like sauce, not everyone ate the heads, I do certainly enjoy the shrimp-ness fiesta flavor in them but my focus was on the meat…

Also ordered this tasty charcoal grilled cod and vegetables, great taste and vegetables mix

And finished with what we consider so far the mothers of all volcano desserts…the legendary transformation history is as follows: the chocolate dome is collapsed by a flaming rain of Cointreau Liquor, and a splash of tequila, waiting underneath is a chocolate vanilla, bread pudding-like warm muffin that also gets topped with its very best friend…a scoop of vanilla ice cream! 😍 check it out!

We hope you enjoyed this foodie adventure as much as we did, after this meal we had to walk a few miles to compensate for the intake, just like the other times, every calorie was worth it 😇

Buen provecho!

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