Minimalist Sushi – Old School Wonder

Today Verdu & Wife went to check out this traditional sushi bar in Mexico City called Sushi Iwashi.

Being used to maximalist food experiences, this visit was very enlightening and rewarding. For once I got to taste the soft but full of character flavors from delicious fresh fish varieties.

We started with hot sake and a delicious salad that included salmon, shiitake mushrooms, cooked egg, salmon roe (or caviar), cucumber, snapper, and tuna. Just needed a dash of soy and ponzu (citrus soy sauce very popular in Mexico City sushi restaurants)

Then enjoying the minimalist wood setting, we followed with more sake 🙂

Then we ordered some delicious sushi pieces, they add a small dash of wasabi underneath the fish so it is sandwiched between the rice, this is the perfect taste sequence, fish, rice, soy, hint of wasabi = minimalist foodgasm!

After the snapper w jalapeño, salmon and white fish, we followed with more sushi…this time, squid, more salmon and mackerel with some tobiko and chives to balance the sea flavors…on top of a minimalist sushi plate XD

Then we continued with an eel roll w cucumber and sweet sauce…

and continued with a spectacular thick sashimi selection of tuna, salmon, and snapper…

Then things got a little bit out of hand and we ordered a piece of foi gras ‘sushi’ and torched it to heaven, then added some white truffle shavings to make it immortal…#foodporngalore

And here’s how some foi gras shavings on top of sushi look like, next to another sushi piece w truffle shavings 😍 yes I know, maybe some ancient Emperors spirits will come back to either feast on them or kill the sushi maker 😉

And finished with their signature sake jelly and mango pulp dessert, delicious! 😛

Even if I’m used to very spicy and tasty food, this tru Japanese sushi meal was superb, I can only imagine and dream about how much weight I’d lose on a similar diet. Love it but get ready for more Verdu Eats meals coming soon! Buen Provecho!

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