Verdu at Kiev: Quickie Asian eats!

I traveled this week to Croatia and had the great opportunity to taste how they cook Asian at this restaurant. Here’s a quick post about a good welcome meal 😋

First I started with a delicious Indonesian style fried rice w chicken, shrimp, topped w the power boost of an egg…and satay which are the crunchy white chicharrones on the left.

Then I followed with a stir fried pork loin with a touch of basil flavors, asparagus, bell peppers, oyster sauce and a dash of soy sauce…

They also had a caviar special so I decided to switch continents and enjoyed it with the traditional blinis (mini pancakes for the non-aristocrats like myself) and sour cream to balance the flavors.

And here’s a close up of all that deliciousness

More from my quick trip to Croatia coming soon!

#foodie #foodporn #eats #gourmet #foodheaven #beluga #blinis #caviarporn

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