PanAsian Fantasyland at the Epic Cviche 105

This is a place everyone should try and they are not giving us any $ to say this (we wish tho πŸ˜‚). This is a Miami classic that summons the best recipes of fresh seafood using diverse magical and fantastic citrus & chile flavors from Peru.

We started this -rather large family meal with the traditional ceviche sampler. Citrusy flavors are empowered by the flavors of different peppers 🌢 Peruvian food uses ‘cancha’ which is roasted corn 🌽 as well as boiled one to balance the acidity. They also come paired with boiled sweet potato to take the balance to another level of refinement πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

To continue #foodgalore we ordered another ceviche aka tiradito from heaven! πŸ‘‡πŸ» Red onions, cilantro and a signature white sauce of milky glory are true #foodgasms

Then ‘Causas de Atun’ which are delicious bite size flavor power buddies topped with tuna, spicy mayo and secret recipe sauce…

We also had a ceviche with tiger milk (no tigers were milked tho πŸ€“) this is a must have and sums up what a fantastic ceviche should be like #foodieheaven one of this place’s specialties.

We also had another hot food classic ‘Steak Tacu Tacu’ grilled with red onions, cilantro and sweet sauce (like bbq w a kick), paired with sweet potato fries and corn with ajΓ­ sauce (yellow bucket) to ramp the flavors up all the way up! πŸš€

‘Chifa Rice’ is another Peruvian food classic, the best way to describe this plate would be to imagine the most flavorful wok-prepared Chinese fried rice and pump it up with a touch of ajΓ­ and other Peruvian peppers πŸ₯°and juicy grilled steaks of course πŸŒ…

My Verdu kid ordered chicken in rocotto sauce. This is another pepper that adds a lovely flavor to any protein ❀️ think of this like a Latin curry-like sauce.

If you’re in Miami order Tostones and add a dash of salt, they are flattened and fried maduros, aka sweet plantains before they’re ripe….they go great with any Latin food!

And for dessert, the gang had this dulce de leche-gasm cake, topped with dulce de leche ice cream…πŸ’

Boom! That sums up our visit to this heavenly place. Check it out on your next visit to South Florida, you will not regret it!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more delicious Verdu eats! πŸ‘Ή

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