Sylvestre México City is all about an old school approach w a delicious contemporary spin

We visited this place in the posh Polanco area of DF. Our visit was overall great, their fusion of Italian and Mayan cuisine is certainly interesting… and we never had a proper portobello carpaccio before! It was delicious!

And that’s where we begin, the thinly sliced portobellos were charcoal grilled, bathed w olive oil and balsamic…it also comes with arugula topping and freshly shaved Parmesan that any dish that calls itself a descent carpaccio should be wearing on top 😍

We also had this fantastic beef carpaccio, perfectly sliced meat that was also lightly seared on the charcoal grill surrounded by pepper, citrus juices, crunchy garlic slices and avocado cubes to cool things off a bit. #carpaccioporn #foodieheaven ❤️

The feast continued with ‘panuchos’ originally from the state of Mérida, this is traditional Mayan food y’all! They are deep fried tortillas (think of them as flat tacos or tostadas), topped with seasoned pork (called pibil), lightly pickled onions and avo to balance flavors…to die for!

Another glorious dish that was perfectly presented was their bean soup. You basically add all the ingredients on the white plate, stir and enjoy! Those ingredients are chicharrón (deep fried 🐷 skin), fresh cheese, fried tortilla strips, and chile ancho to kick up the flame a bit 👌🏻 you should try this!

Our table had a smaller table next to it that held these beauties for u 😍 they are home made salsas of all heat levels possible and flavors, an oaky, deep, Pingus red, and breads for the table. Very nice presentation Sylvestre!

For the main entree we ordered this gorgeous, charcoal-grilled steak with onions and jalapeños…pic says it all!

Their asparagus were also a perfect pairing for the meat

My Verdu Queen 👸🏻 ordered habanero snapper cooked with a minimalist approach, mostly focused on the universal delish taste of butter to enhance the fish and habanero flavors but not so hot so your table doesn’t light up on fire 🔥

It comes with properly fries but not-so-impressive House salad 🙄

Also ordered this Barra Cabrera, meat perfectly grilled with the rib rack on the bottom. 👌🏻

And finished the feast with a delicious selection of churros dusted with sugar and cinnamon paired with sweet heavenly dip plates of chocolate, cajeta (dulce de leche) and vanilla 🥰

Thank you for joining us in another #foodieadventure #verdueats Stay tuned for more delicious eats! 👹❤️

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