Delicious seafood preppyesque dive experience in Fisher’s, Mexico City

This is one of the top seafood restaurants in Mexico. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! 😂

Their delicious, endless and super creative fusion of seafood plates with traditional Mexican flare are definitely top in our #foodieheaven list.

Anyone eating at Fisher’s should start with a shrimp taco. Their shrimp (or lobster) tacos taste like nothing you’ve had in the US or anywhere else in the world. A signature starter along with their delicious and -MSG loaded shrimp broth….we’ll do first a fantastic conch carpaccio loaded with lime juice, secret sauces, red onion and avocado to cool it off a notch…citrusy, a little hot, and great way to begin this session…

and here’s a shrimp taco with their famous yellow rice…they also include a spicy mayo sauce that is the one of the key ingredients.

Then we ordered Camarones Torres, these shrimps were swimming in a delicious sea of lime juice, serranos, red onion…this preparation is also known as aguachile and it is traditional from the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Then Verdu kid ordered this deep fried lobster (handroll?) with their famous spicy mayo sauce and ponzu sauce. #sushifoodie never had sushi here before and would not waste any space in it but it was still very good 😎

Of course we also invited some of our favorites guys to the table…served with warm garlic butter and lime goodness, one of my Queen’s favorites 👸🏻

Then we followed with ‘Camarones Petroleros’, a signature dish, this black sauce tastes like heaven! It is made with squid ink, garlic, onions and dry chile spices…and cheese to make it thicker 😍

We also ordered another of their famous recipes ‘Lomos Simmons’ this sauce is more creamy, and mayo based, with a sprinkle of paprika, delicious and great choice for anyone looking to dial down the heat-meter in their bellies 😊

Lobster was in season so we tried this #foodporn on the charcoal grill that was heavenly too.

To close this visit we enjoyed a must-have in your next visit to DF: Carajillo, it is espresso coffee with 43 Liquor and shaken to create some foamy texture on top. This is the perfect drink to close any spicy meal!

Thank you for reading our adventures friends! Stay tuned for more #verdueats soon! Also follow us on Instagram @verdueats have an awesome week! 👹

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