Nobu’s life as a franchise is still good but…

Everyone should try Nobu’s Peruvian-Japanese approach to food. The first time I ate chez Matsuhisa’s restaurant was in Miami over 15 years ago. Miami Beach was their 3rd franchise coming from NYC where Robert DeNiro was the original partner too.

Back then the food was about 4 or 5 notches above compared to this visit. This time Nobu’s essence seems to be diluted to a certain degree as it usually happens with other franchise restaurants such as PF Chang, that said, it is still worth the visit.

We opened the #foodiefeast with this fantastic tiradito sashimi, perfectly flooded with a delicious blend of citrus, aji cream, topped with a blend of spices that paired well with the thin snapper cuts.

We also had Nobu’s eternal classic hamachi, it is white tuna sashimi with a serrano slice that detonates an explosion green pepper thrills but not so hot either. They’re swimming in ponzu sauce which is a blend of soy sauce, lemon and orange juice. #foodiesushi #nobu

Next came some grilled and pumped up edamames with powder chili, salt, and a dash of oil to make them stronger and more flavorful…I wonder what a minimalist Japanese would think about this? 🤔

And then some fresh & fantastic sushi arrived, with the traditional dime of wasabi rubbed in between the fish and rice so the flavors happen in the right order #umami. The ones at the bottom of the image are fatty tuna w foie gras riding them on top because why not.

The gang enjoyed some delicious rolls that had deep fried soft-shell crab, avocado, cucumber, masago, also rolled on rice paper.

We also had some finely cut steak sashimi cooked on hot volcanic rocks. The way the meat vegetables and juices cook on hot rocks is very different and delicious, if you can you should try it at some point 🤓

And my Verdu Queen 👸🏻 had a fantastic Huachinango Jalapeño tower of deliciousness sitting on top of maitake mushrooms 🍄 crowned by a crunchy hairdo

And a black cod miso with some weird white and pink thing that gave me the creeps 😂

For dessert we ordered banana cheesecake tempura rolls with a dipping sauce of glory. 🌟

The Queen 👸🏻 also ordered a spectacular Thai iced tea with tapioca aka Bobba, Bubble, Marbles, etc from Corea to the world 🌎

And 3 kinds of chocolates so we may all die in total joy! 🚀

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