Proper cantina food & tapas at La No. 20 in Mexico City

No Verdu kids on this one but definitely lots of #foodporn delicacies to share with you!

If you’re ever in DF you should put on your ToDo a visit to ANY cantina. The original concept played like this…for every drink you ordered, they’d bring a series of botanas (or tapas) which are small dishes to keep you drinking and eating, by the 4th or 5th drink you’d be getting their most famous dishes…by then you’re also too drunk to tell what is good or bad, but you’re already having a great time so who cares…👹

This cantina is a modern version that don’t pair food with each drink but they do keep a traditional approach to recipes and also give a modern spin to classic dishes…

This was the case of of our first plate, seafood aguachile (lime juice, onions, cucumber and other spices to get your juices flowing…the top foam was lime juice foam, all that said, this one could’ve been more flavorful, it was ok…

Then we had some delicious fried fish, soft shell tacos (in Mexico all tacos are soft shell actually 😂) with green creamy salsa on the bottom to dip and enjoy 😊 the hotness and citrusy flavors of the salsa are the perfect combination with the fish…

Then we enjoyed some panuchos with pickled red onion on top, with cochinita pibil just like the ones we had in our previous post ❤️ go there to learn what are these!

Then I enjoyed one of my personal recipe #verdueats concoctions 👹 basically you blend a molcajete of green salsa, with another molcajete of beans and stir them together with fried maguey worms in another molcajete that are not only delicious but a rare delicacy! 😍 get them on top of your taco and you’re good to go! Molcajete= carved lava rock bowl used for all sorts of food preparations and servings 🤓

And the following one was also to die for! Rib Eye chicharrón with a dollop of guacamole 🤩 all goes into a taco!

But this dish took the Golden-Globe-Oscar-Miss-Universe Award… it was bone marrow that you use to top your blue masa sopes 💥🚀

We had to try their version of one the top delicacies all around Mexico: Escamoles (seasonal ant larvae deliciously prepared with butter, garlic, and spices)…if you’re #foodiegourmet these are to die for!

Then it was time for another fantastic delicacy: Chapulines! Aka toasted and seasoned crickets, also super nutritious and delicious! They go in tacos w some guac 😍

All paired up with a proper tequila…

To cool down this Mexican food festival how about a selection of sweet seasonal fruits ice creams 🥰 these help to appease your stomach gods that by now are not only satisfied but also pushing for a siesta 😴

And of course no cantina visit is complete without feeling lucky and buying a Billete de Lotería always available by street vendors.

We hope you enjoyed this cantina visit! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more delicious food!

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