Homage to the Grill of Smith & Wollensky Miami Beach

One of our favorite restaurants is S&W Miami Beach, the views of the governors cut channel, city skyline and ambience are in the top of our list for sure. We dived in for our usual memory lane items…

We started with freshly & fantastic oysters and since they are in season, also dressed with delicious stone crabs…crabs & butter w lime are are top fav items of my Verdu Queen πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

Then we had an item that’s not usually on the menu ‘angry shrimp’ you can also order the lobster version. Cooked with secret hot & spicy spices, served over mashed potatoes to cool them down one notch and grilled veggies for good measure πŸ˜‚… #foodiesecret #foodporn

Then the meat started to arrive… here’s a perfectly grilled piece of heaven, the grill chef that cooked it is a master of the Universe for sure πŸ™ŒπŸ»

We also enjoyed some lamb chops, also grilled to perfection

Also this sirloin cut, I mean come on! This grill guy deserves a standing ovation!

And if there was any doubt about how good their meat is, here’s the butter soft glory of a cut accompanied with meaty mushrooms too πŸ„

Even if I hate desserts we closed with a great selection of their gym-nightmare delicacies πŸ€“

Above their famous carrot cake, below their decadent double chocolate mousse πŸš€

Thank you for reading us in another Verdu adventure, stay tuned for more delicious #foodieheaven meals coming soon! πŸ¦„

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