Brunch hopping, Boulangerie & Caviar Bar

We had a couple of quick pit stops that included some delicious experiences, we went from warm artisanal croissants and pain du chocolat, to a caviar tasting, check it out!

This ☝🏼 is a proper hot chocolate beverage, the delicious loops of decadence surrounding the top tasted just like they looked like, soft, creamy, warm milk chocolate galore 😍

Then this almond croissant, perfect crust, soft and buttery inside…

And here’s their famous pain du chocolat ❤️

Then some Benedicts that could be much, much, better for sure, they were a bit dry, the muffin was thin, sauce ok, but they could improve this much more 🤖

and because French food can get boring at times we crossed the street and enjoyed a caviar selection to compensate for the boring Benedicts 🤓

Proper Blinis & all! This was delicious and worth another epic image 😃

Thank you for reading and joining us in our #foodieadventures! Stay tuned for more Verdu eats!

#foodie #caviarporn #frenchfoodie #boulangerie

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