Mexican delicacies at Blanco Castelar in Mexico City

By now you can tell that our favorite restaurants are located in Mexico City. The unique mix of ingredients with the style of cooking or grilling and the very demanding food palate of Chilangos derive in placing Mexico City on top of the culinary capitals of the World.

Here’s a visit to a very interesting one in Polanco called Blanco Castelar.

We started with some fish panuchos, a type of taco with a thicker tortilla, traditionally from the region of Veracruz and the Yucatán Peninsula.

The flavors of the pipian-cooked fish (red curry like spice), pickled onions Mayan-style and some habanero salsa on the side made for a great opener.

We also ordered some jabugo (or acorn-fed, Ibérico ham from the Huelva region in Spain), the unique and pricy flavor is a real #foodgasm

Then these delicious little beauties arrived, they’re truffled cheese croquettes with a horseradish drop, and more jabugo on top!

We also enjoyed a perfectly grilled artichoke with butter, coarse sea salt, garlic and a hint of citrus.

It certainly looks like a charred train wreck, but in this case is a delicious one 😋

It was followed by some ‘láminas de res’ or thin cut wagyu steak with some soy, lemon, and pepper ocean around it #foodieheaven

For entrees we had this delicious centro de filete cut with sides of spinach & garlic cream, and sautéed mushrooms. The yellow circles on the right are potatoes that are absorbing and seasoning with the goodness coming out of the meat 🍖

My 👸🏻 had the perfectly cooked Chilean Sea Bass with salsa de cilantro, edamame, peas and seaweed.

And the Verdu kids had a fantastic grilled Robalo fish with hollandaise sauce, sprinkled peanuts, on top of grilled zucchini, and fried potato dimes to add a crunchy element.

For dessert we gave a #foodieaward to a chocolate fondant that needs no description or introduction, if I may say just one thing, the warm chocolate goodness coming out of the brownie and vanilla ice cream made for a #realfoodgasm

Thank you for joining us in another blessed meal, don’t forget to subscribe and please stay tuned for more #VerduEats 🦄

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