Verdu & Fam vacay at Cabo -Lorenzillos

We spent the Dia de Muertos weekend at Cabo, we visited so many wonderful places and delicious food we decided to compile them all in a few exciting posts, this visit deserves a full post so here we go!

Magnificent grilled octopus at famous Lorenzillos, with garlic, dry chile spices, fantastic red rice to start it all!

Followed by some #foodporn salmon carpaccio w olives instead of the usual capers, lemon juice, and olive oil…

Then followed by these large oysters with melted butter and spices add on… #foodgasm

And we continued with a seafood chowder style soup, better known as ‘crema de mariscos’. Garlicky and buttery flavors always get along superbly with seafood 🦞

And then the lobster dishes arrived, this one is Thermidor with pasta and spinach purée…

This one is the garlic lobster with habanero pepper sauce…to die for! 🦄

Then Verdu wife settled for her favorite dish: Chilean SeaBass, over risotto, crunchy seaweed, and fried skin…

Sealed the deal with this fantastic looking dessert that I didn’t try because Verdu doesn’t like desserts 🤓

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more Verdu Eats in Los Cabos!

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