More Cabo – Grilled Seafood Heaven! πŸ˜

We visited a restaurant that focuses on grilling seafood with unique salsas, spices and blends, here are some of the items we enjoyed!

We started with some spicy shrimp soup, a classic Mexican meal opener…you sip every spoon slowly because it is hot and rich. The lime is a must to make your hunger kick up one more gear, ready for the next dishes… #foodgasm #foodie

Then we followed with camarones cucaracha, or cockroach shrimp that is used to describe small-sized shrimps. A sweet and sour sauce and some lettuce to give you the idea there are some veggies too πŸ˜‚

Then the seafood grilling began! Shrimps will always be happy after an enriching grill experience so we had to try them for sure. Red rice on top makes for a great balance of flavors too.

The one below is ‘pescado a la talla’ which resumes in whole fish on the charcoal grill, bathed and nourished with a secret recipe blend of spices, onions, red rice, and yes, a little pile of veggies so you may have the idea you’re eating with a clean, healthy conscious tooth too πŸ˜‡ We made some mean tacos with it!

And some shrimp, lobster and yellow rice with guacamole on the side tacos to seal the deal!

Thank you for reading! More Verdu Eats from Cabo coming soon! πŸ‘»

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