Día de Muertos inspired food in Cabo

On this post you’ll find a compilation of día de muertos celebrations we came across…

Altar de muertos (dedicated to the ones that have crossed to the other side)…

The bread on the top right of the image below are called ‘pan de muerto’ the bumps and round chunks symbolize human bones, the top rounded one is supposedly be the head ☠️ they are delicious!

These are some tamales that are cooked in corn sleeves, the pinkish ones are sweet, my preferred ones are green salsa and chicken or mole and pork.

After checking out some of these tamales we ordered a gourmet tamal, this time is a Corbina (fish) topped with diverse salsas, mole, habanero, and mango?! They were good but I prefer the old school tamal 🤓

We continued with delicious tacos with a very descent curation of salsas de molcajete (stone mashed tomatoes) this gives them a different texture.

Then a traditional chicken mole, just a the Creator meant to be served, please check this out!

And because we Looooove meat, here’s a magnificent ribeye charcoal grilled to perfection, topped with red salsa that had a good garlic kick ❤️

Verdu’s kids ordered some deep fried quesadillas de requeson which is a salty and tasty cheese, dressed up with sour cream, onions and choice of green or red salsas. #foodgasm #foodporn #foodiegalore

Then some delicious sopes, these were missing a little bit more toppings if you ask me, still were ok!

For the healthy Amazon aka Verdu wife we ordered a grilled cactus salad, very nutritious and delish (for those that enjoy greens of course!

And for dessert, we ordered a fried food galore that included chocolate ice cream, fried bread sweetened with sugar and cinnamon spices, and sweet salsas to give them some punch 🥊

👹 thank you for reading and stay tuned for more Verdu Eats from Cabo!

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