LatAm Seafood Meal at Puntarena Restaurant, México City

Seafood is prepared very differently around Mexico’s geographic regions. This restaurant offers traditional ingredients and sauces, fused with Peruvian and Spanish influenced preparations.

These superb dishes were perfect suited for my Verdu family, including some abstract findings from my amazingly creative Verdu daughter! ❤️

We started with a classic white fish tiradito (Peruvian for sashimi), it was prepared with lime, cilantro, soy sauce with crushed pepper and a secret Mexican spices…an Asian – Mexican fusion to die for! #foodporn #tiraditoporn

Then we continued with a fantastic shrimp and scallops ceviche Mexican style! The sweet and citrus flavors of the red sauce, combined with fresh tomatoes, onions and green serranos, paired with tostadas or crackers are #foodieheaven

My Verdu family moved on with our #foodproject with another tiradito, this time tuna, also much spicier than the first one. Cured with lime juice, hints of habanero, thin slices of serranos, olive oil, and Chile Negro dollops to create a nuclear explosion of flavors in your mouth. #notforVerdukids

We moved on to this fantastic shrimp taco trio! Cooked ‘a la diabla’ it is a dark red sauce made with dried and smoked ‘Chile Ancho’ with hints of sweet and dark flavors, with flour tortillas, ready for a dash of lime and a slice of avo to balance the flavors 😋 get into my belleeeey!!!

Then my most artistic Verdu daughter aka Drusita found a dinosaur on her plate 😍

and also a not-so-happy Chilling Onion on the molcajete (stone bowl used to mash and mix salsa ingredients) 😎

Then we welcomed a tuna tartar, also Peruvian style, with pickled cucumber…you know this is not Mexican since no one in Mexico would dare to eat white steamed rice on any plate 😂

After this frío seafood feast, we wanted something warm and got this fantastic garlic prawn casserole that had a strong Spanish cooking influence. Cooked with olive oil, real garlic, some potatoes to balance the flavors and lime to cut off the excess grease…everything sprinkled with a blend of paprika and chile piquin…

We finished with a delicious pescado adobado that we use to create some outstanding corn tortilla fish tacos that were out of this Verdu Universe!

The adobo is a thick sauce made with many kinds of chiles, spices, usually all adobos are grandmas recipes of some sort, spicy but rarely hot.

Thank you for joining us in our #foodgalore adventures! More Verdu Eats coming soon 😉

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