Verdu Eats traditional Russian food in Kiev

The journey continues with a visit to a traditional food restaurant, I have to admit that I’m used to stronger flavors and spices but the ‘home cooking’ style always makes my Verdu heart rejoice!

I started with a green vegetable soup that had a delicious dominant flavor of boiled greens or vegetable soup, with some hints of vegetables that I never tried before. Also had some cheese crumbs that could be similar to Greek because of its strong and a bit acidic taste.

Then we continued with some traditional pelmeni which are Russian dumplings, joined with sour cream, and that can also be served in soups…

And we also tried them on soup that had hard boiled eggs, carrots, and chive-style greens for an extra flavor kick. They bring the broth on the side an it’s poured in…

Gotta love that flowery china too! Then we welcomed a famous Borsh, a red soup made with beet, cabbage, a delicious piece of lamb shank was also cooked inside this stew from heaven, also came with pickles and radish that I never understood how to combine…because I’m a tourist 😆 also accompanied by a pita-like bread baked on top….

Verdu’s friend ordered a Kiev Chicken that looked pretty bland and hospital-food-like but actually was good.

And to make it a bit more exciting because Verdu LOVES meat, we ordered some traditional meat skewers with a red sauce that sealed the deal for us!

Stay tuned for more Russian food from this trip coming soon!

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