Corean BBQ Experience

We had the opportunity to check out this delicious experience approved for all foodies (not if your veg of course)…

They present thick raw cuts of tender steak Corean style. As it’s well know, every meat cut gives a different taste to the meat, when you add some charcoal fire to it, turns it into heaven!

The meat comes with two different marinating sauces, the one on the left has an Argentinian flare witch garlic chimichurri. The other one is sweeter, after you cook them you go into another food dimension 😀

The you start cooking them all on the Corean grill!

Paired w a deliciously spiced oriental salad with tangerine hints that got devoured before I could take the pic.

The next time you have a chance check out your nearest Corean BBQ spot you’ll find something delicious for sure!

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