Burger Fantasy at The Grill

Yes! We are hungry, and yes, we love to eat great food, we don’t talk about all of them on this blog, only the best! in this case we visited The Grill in FL.

I have to say that I’ve had awesome burgers but check this one out! Every sandwich was delicious and worth the calories. Perfect for a hangover day or after a round of golf.

We also had an awesome chicken sandwich…

Those curly fries are also to die for, great service, great food, right for Verdu & Fam. And for the healthy ones, we ordered a grilled chicken breast with a side of greens…

I hope through the screen you can taste the perfect taste of these delicious plates…and if that wasn’t enough, how about your sundae w a cup of molten chocolate to dress it up? Here it is!

Already looking forward to our next visit to The Grill 😛

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